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Kairos Network Services keeps up with cutting-edge technology and its applications, and we can "talk the talk" with the best computer geeks out there; however, the key to success with computers, networks, and the Internet is found not in the technology itself but in knowing how, where, and when to apply the technology. It is an art form unto itself, and Kairos Network Services is a gifted artist in this realm. Our goal is to sell you what you need, with no unnecessary, costly extras or "bloatware."

When you're ready to talk about computers and the Internet, for personal or business use, talk to someone who has experience with all types of computers. Someone who can tell you the good and the bad about each alternative, in plain English. Someone who can help you objectively determine your needs, and help you decide what would best suit those needs. Someone who can help you set it up and make it work...the way you want it to work!

Someone like Kairos Network Services.

With in-depth knowledge and experience with all major operating systems, network hardware, and Internet applications, Kairos Network Services is uniquely qualified to help you through the convoluted process of selecting and installing your new computer, network, or Internet application.

Our Methods

With few exceptions, Kairos Network Services recommends the purchase of Macintosh computers for personal and business applications, as they are the best value in terms of cost vs. performance, usability, and overall return on investment.

We use Macs to create, maintain, and (when possible) serve our websites. Changes to website contents may be uploaded by our clients using standard FTP or HTTP protocols, or via network connection to the client's FileMaker database. If your organization wants to maintain an in-house Internet server, KNS is ready to assist in that endeavor as well.

FileMaker Pro is a powerful, cross-platform, Internet-ready database, and KNS recommends its use in low- to mid-volume Internet solutions. For high-volume commercial websites, KNS recommends a UNIX-based Oracle database using Tango or WebObjects for database-to-web connectivity.

The Meaning Behind The Name

Kairos is a Greek word referring to the particular time of an awaited occurrence (for example, in Paul's second letter to the Corinthians he writes, "I tell you, now is the time of God's favour, now is the day of salvation."). The other common Greek word for time is chronos, which refers to a "clock-style" ordered succession of moments rather than to a specific point in time.

When it comes to harnessing the power of today's technology for your home or office, Kairos Network Services is the right call at the right time!

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