The Big Event
Thursday, October 15, 1998

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Hooked Up
Janelle, all hooked up and ready to go
Our Nurse
Our wonderful nurse Lauree, who guessed Langston's birth weight within half an ounce
First Picture
Langston's first baby picture, Dr. Anderson holding
In the Warmer
Lauree, cleaning him up in the warmer
Momma's Arms
Bundled up in his momma's arms
Langston looking dazed, minutes after birth. "What happened?"
Our Nurses
Our two fantastic delivery nurses, Lauree and Paulette, wheeling Janelle to the postpartum ward
In the Nursery
Langston kicking back in the nursery
Daddy's Arms
And, finally, proud papa Jon
Dozing With Dad
Dozing with daddy
Going Home
Leaving the hospital (what service!)
Our Family
The Gardners


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