About Langston's Names

Dr. Roy Langston (pictured, left), Jon's maternal great-grandfather, was a well-known Methodist minister in his day. Robert E. Lee (pictured, right), the leader of the Confederate army during the U.S. Civil war, was a strong advocate of peace, human rights, and the sovereignty of states. In fact, our son's life began on Lee's birthday in January 1998. Robert G. Lee (pictured, center), a great Baptist evangelist, was the preacher on the day Janelle accepted Christ, and thus holds a place of honor in our family as the man God used to complete the work He began in Janelle's life years before.

Our hope is that our son, like these great men, will demonstrate strong leadership, love for Christ and the things of God, and compassion for his fellow man, and that he will be used by God in mighty ways. We shall continually pray for God's wisdom and direction as we strive to raise our child in His will and way.

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